Kanga Attachments

Canberra Kanga Hire can provide the following range of attachments to make your job quick and easy.

4 in 1 Bucket


A very useful attachment for a variety of jobs. Used for loading, and unloading aggregate, grabbing heavy objects such as large posts, concrete pillars etc, or as a blade to backfill and to level ground for lawn, and path and driveway prep.

Soil Leveling Bar



Ideal for preparing top soil for turf laying and leveling bedding sand for pavers. Also used to transport bulky items, such as turf, paving tiles, cement bags, plants, and fence posts.


High Torque Post Hole Augers


The High Torque Post Hole Augers can bore through any material and eliminates repetitive digging by hand, reducing weekend job to a couple of hours.

The Augers come in three diameters:

  • 200mm – Fence posts, and multiple small tree planting.
  • 300mm  – Deck, retaining wall, and pergola footings, and tree planting.
  • 450mm – Larger site footings, and large tree planting


Heavy Duty Rotary Hoe

Rotary Hoe

The Heavy duty Rotary Hoe turns the toughest ground into soft usable soil, for turf preparation or garden beds. Rather than removing and replacing compacted top soil, the rotary hoe prepares the soil for sod and turf bed preparation.


Ripper Bar


The Ripper bar is the ideal tool for breaking up hard rocky ground for garden beds or shallow excavations for concrete pavements etc.




The quick attach system has forks in place in seconds. Ideal for lifting and transporting all manner of materials including fence posts, palings, turf, pavers, mature tree roots and more.